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Prayer Room

Church Sermons

Our Story
Fourteen years ago, a group of us stood at the ground-breaking of what is now our present facilities and declared that we were on the brink of a new beginning for First Assembly of God.  Now, we are weaving yet another thread into the tapestry of our past, present and future by celebrating 75 years in the life of this Church.  Just as we did on that ground-breaking day, let us reflect for a moment on what has gone before us.  We know without a doubt all of our present blessings are to be first and foremost attributed to God’s provision, direction and grace.  The fact that First Assembly is not “our” church but God’s is the main fabric of this church and we give Him the Glory for what has been wrought here.  As we take a moment to reflect today, let us look at three lesser but still important ingredients that have added both texture and a beautiful pattern to the fabric of this Body:  our Pastors, the people, and the prayers.

I wonder what our first Pastor, Bro. Chambliss, would say if he were here today?  As would the other 12 men who have so honorably held the office of “Pastor” at First Assembly in Rosenberg.  Each one of them has left something of themselves that has shaped us.  For God called them all to serve for a season and in their serving they left their indelible mark upon us.  Some planted, some watered, some harvested but they ALL nurtured and loved and gave of themselves.  They held services at First Assembly in Cotton Gins and furniture showrooms until our first “official” church building was dedicated on Brazos Street.  That was truly a “modern” building complete with kerosene heaters and a concrete floor (which had replaced the wooden one).  That was “home” until we built, moved into, and dedicated our former building at 1412 West Street in 1955.  Brother Shows was the Pastor at that time and there was an enormous amount of pride and excitement seeing the fruit of much labor and looking toward what the Lord would do in the future.  Much the same feelings as we have here, today.  We are grateful to our Pastors:  their hard work, their encouragement, and their leadership for they kept the vision alive and have had a special part in weaving “spiritual health” into the tapestry of this church past and present.

The next ingredient that has added a rich and beautiful texture to our fabric would be the people who have gone before us.  People unknown to many of us like Sister Millie, Sister Horak, Brother and Sister Dequeant, Brother and Sister Drachenberg, Sister Danklefs and Brother Orr just to name a few.  And I don’t want to forget Sister Matthews and her exuberance in worship.  I never knew her, but Sister Danklefs had told me once that Brother Ed would have never had to ask her to “help him preach this morning” because she was always on the front pew encouraging, uplifting and “helping the preacher preach”.  Sister Danklefs also remembered going with Sister Matthews in the car to meetings.  “What an experience!”, she said.  Sister Matthews would break out in prayer, speaking in tongues, both hands in the air praising the Lord and all this while SHE was behind the wheel.  But Virginia said they always made it to their destination.  Sister Soots told me that First Assembly’s life was spilling out into the community even in the 50’s.  She mentioned that when the “new” building on West Street was under construction, the ladies of the church got together every Friday in someone’s home to bake pies so they could sell and contribute the money to help the building fund.  One of the local grocers, a Mr. Ullrich, gave the ladies a discount on their supplies and remarked, “Ladies, with all that baking going on you must have the SWEETEST CHURCH IN ROSENBERG!”  There were births, deaths, marriages, baptisms, baby dedications, Sunday school classes to teach, choir specials to put together, young people to mentor, and banquets of all kinds.  All these things and so much more have helped to make “life” at First Assembly full of memories and love and warm feelings of family.  There is life in this church because of the threads the people have woven into our fabric.

And finally, we can never forget the golden thread of the Prayers of the faithful that has wound its way through every fiber of this beautiful tapestry called First Asembly of God.  I believe this church has survived these many years because of the prayers of some of the Lord’s mightiest intercessors.  In the late 40’s early 50’s, there was a group of ladies who met regularly and prayed for their unsaved husbands.  Eventually, every one of them came to church.  Sister Danklefs was brought into this church because of prayer.  She told of the time when she had been ill for 3 weeks when Brother Dequeant told her he was going to request prayer for her at his church on Sunday and that when she got better she was going to go and testify!  He did and SHE did.  She also told me of some powerful prayer meetings with Sister Horak, who no matter how busy she was “always had an open home and an open heart when someone needed prayer.” Then there was the Booster Band ladies which was like our children’s church today and the children who were touch by the ministry of those ladies knew that they knew how to pray.  John Horak remembers being a boy of 10 and feeling the power of those ladies and their prayers as he more than once poured out his heart to the Lord.  The altars were open for young and old alike, used regularly and results happened....just like we see today!  Through the years we have continued to add to the layers of intercessors with men and women, many of whom we will never know the tears and the cries of their hearts for this Body...but God knows and He’s answered and continues to answer because of the golden thread of the prayers of these powerful men and women of God.

Now that we have reflected back, we gratefully acknowledge the fact that it has been through the handiwork of God and the efforts and vision implanted in all those who have gone before us that we are here today, 67 years later.  But let us with determination now turn our faces forward knowing that whatever the future holds, God will guide us and direct us.  We know that there is a great work to do in this community and we stand ready for whatever task He puts in front of us.  Somehow that “great cloud of witnesses” has made the way a little lighter and their hands are here with us, working beside us.  Let us continue the vision as well as they have so that someday our children’s children will find us as faithful as our predecessors have been.  And when the end of all things has come and the Lord looks over the tapestry of the life of First Assembly of God in Rosenberg and what we have done to touch lives around us He will say with delight, “Well done, my good and faithful Servants!”